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Growing up as a kid, my mother never let me celebrate Halloween. I was always extremely envious of all my friends and the other kids who got to dress up -- and let's not forget, get free candy. It was always pretty cool to me to get all decked out for one day of the year and nobody would care how you looked. I didn't have the opportunity to dress up until I was in college and of all costumes, I decided to be a cowgirl. How mediocre of me. If I knew back then what I know now as far as makeup looks, quirky costumes and let's not forget amazing nail art -- a cowgirl would've been my last resort.
Speaking of nail art, pumpkin inspired nails have definitely become a thing and what better time to implement these designs other than a couple days before Halloween? The good thing about pumpkin inspired nails is that you can wear them all the way through Thanksgiving. I mean it is autumn and pumpkin and autumn just go together. If you're a nail art kind of gal and want to dress up this weekend without actually dressing up, consider dressing up your nails with these super cool nails [seen below].

Ladies, are you loving these pumpkin inspired nails?

of course, no problem at all. enjoy :) @ZoilaObregon
I'm loving the nails, thanks for giving me more ideas for tomorrow. :)
I'm glad at least someone can relate, I felt like growing up nobody seemed to. and I totally agree, glow in the dark would be the icing on the cake, or in this case -- pumpkin @NishatH
I know you feel. I've got a religious family so Halloween? Nope xD but the nails in the second picture really pop out omg, it would be awesome if the orange underneath was glow in the dark :o
why weren't you allowed to dress up as a child?
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