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yes there one of my top favorite boy band. ♥
oh really? even if it's MP3 and not a CD? Really they should make Kpop more accessible to foreigners! I really want to buy CDs but they're too expensive :( And I want the artists to be rewarded for all their hard work. How is it fake? like it's not theeir songs?
That's terrific, MoonMi! Make sure you're careful about what albums you buy on Amazon (K-pop ones), because they're not all legitimate. I know for sure that one of the U-KISS albums is fake. I hate that we have to worry about stuff like that when buying music. But, yes...they've got great songs.
@YinofYang me too! i just love thier song, especially the slow/sweet ones like this 1. Just bought their album on Amazon, I can't stop listening to them :)
I'm a big fan of U-KISS. It makes me sad that not more people are aware of them. They make great music.
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