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Why You Choose Veymax Board?
Experience New Territories Adventure! Fire up your passion! The X1 skateboard is designed to represent the future of electric skateboards. Adopting the most fashionable and lightest integrated form factor, it is an electric skateboard with excellent performance, extraordinary intelligence and high portability! Excellent Electric Skateboards Brand Veymax Despite its small footprint and relatively light weight, the Electric Skateboard X1 is incredibly powerful, smart and intelligent, with a perfect combination of raw power, smart features and the smoothest, top speed of 19Mph and maximum range of 18Mils, the safest ride gives you the ultimate cruising experience. Excellent Stamina Excellent Deck - Despite the limited space in the deck, we increased the battery capacity even further, resulting in a range of 19 miles. The board has a one-piece deck design with the components inside the deck and the deck also uses our shock absorbing tape. Therefore, the ride is very comfortable even on rough terrain and road surfaces. Upgrade Protection Structure - Veymax electric skateboards have a super protective coating. The surface of the board is coated with a scratch-resistant material, which provides the board with excellent protection from wear and tear. The board's coating also makes it very easy to clean, helping to keep it in pristine condition for years to come. Excellent Motorized Skate Board System Replaceable Drivetrain Options - A single FOC ESC is compatible with hub and belt drive systems. Kinetic Energy Recovery System - The board is equipped with an energy recovery system similar to those found on cars. If you step on the brakes while riding, the system will automatically start the energy recovery process, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy and storing it for reuse. This regenerative braking system also enhances the rider's experience during emergency braking, improving safety. Less Waiting More Fun - The charging cable can be quickly and safely removed from the Veymaxboard. With 540W of power, riders can enjoy fast charging to get back on the ride faster. The charger complies with the safety standards of many countries. Charge the battery quickly and enjoy unlimited rides! Rock Solid - Compared to traditional die-cast trucks, the new trucks feature a proprietary forging and CNC milling manufacturing process developed by the Veymax engineering team for increased strength.