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If regular girls did what anime girls do to guys they would either
a) go to jail
b) get suspended or detention
c) charged with sexual harassment
XD Anime is so much fun to analyze
@priscillasdoor I'd like to apologize for earlier today , I understand you were stating your opinion and there's nothing wrong with that
@tvmar I'm sorry as well. I realized earlier that I wasn't explaining myself correctly. My friend pointed that out. I'm not saying anime is like western cartoons or they're like western cartoons. I was trying to say they're basically "eastern" cartoons. In Japan anime is cartoons to them. They don't consider it genre of animation. They're simply 2D cartoons to them.
opps that's supposed to say "like western cartoons or they are western cartoons"
ohhh ok okay yeah I know exactly what you mean now
i choouse c