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Today's topic for the 13 Days of Anime Halloween is this:
And my recommendation is....HELLSING!!!
It's a pretty awesome show: high action, high violence, vampire themed. There's lots of blood and gore and bloody limbs and pretty much anything you'd want from a gory anime. I'm sure there's ones that are more gory, but I wouldn't be able to get through them if they're much gorier than this!

What are your gory anime recommendations?

Leave them in the comments, or make your own card and tag me (type @hikaymm) so I can clip it to the 13 Days of Halloween Collection!
Elfen lied.
2 years ago·Reply
When they cry
2 years ago·Reply
it has to be hellsing ultimate though
2 years ago·Reply
Hellsing, Elfen lied, and Gantz
2 years ago·Reply
Fate/Zero and Blood+ gets pretty gory as well. And I just watched Highschool Of The Dead. Might I also mention that Attack on Titan is quite gory.
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