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One thing to keep in mind while learning is that it should always be fun! You can sing them, scream them and do however best it's easier for you to memorize them.
We'll start off with the main consonants.
あ|as in Ah! or Car
い|as in Ee! or Key!
う|as in Moo!
え|as in Ed!
お|as in Oh!
These " 「」" are basically hooks in Japanese. We call them brackets and they call them which means "hook." I'll be putting the Kanji in brackets alongside the Hiragana reciprocal.
For Example practice saying these words:
あう 「合う」 : To meet
あお 「青」 : Blue いえ 「家」 : House
➣ Here's a tricky one, whenever you see 2 consonants together you always say the sound longer but not too long. Kind of like the words goo and too on the "oo" sound.
いいえ: No うえ 「上」: On top of え「絵」: Picture
➣ Remember to hold the sound a bit longer than usual or it will sound different. おおい 「多い」:Many
If you can memorize the consonants then you're good to go with the next section!
➥ か|き|く|け|こ
im literally about to write all this down in a notebook.. THANKS FOR THE INFO!
@AndresVilla No problem! I'm glad I could help!
thank u so much! b4 i ever was in vingle ive been looking for something like this 4ever!