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I say be prepared for the fandom itself because every fandom including the furry fandom all have their ups and downs.
For example, Art. The artists in the fandom like any other are truly magnificent and very, very talented. But even I can admit that at least half of the community has sfw art and the other nsfw, just like other communities. The image above is an example of sfw Art. And I myself won't show nsfw art here because we don't need an image of representation to be honest.
So basically, I'm hoping most of you here on vingle won't really care whether or not the fandom is here, but I know someone out there is going to make a big deal out of it, just like on iFunny.
I am a furry and I am proud and I would love to see a community for it. All haters can hate.
and they can go suck it. American Horror story hotel is worse than anything furry we put out x3 i watched 1 episode yesterday and had my fill lol
Yay another friend! I'be been a furry for a long time and have received so much hate for it, but I don't care because I know someone out there accepts me.
@QueenSkitz Yeah there's nothing wrong with it but most non furs will have a problem with it.
also there is nothing wrong with NSFW art. It just needs to be something kept away from underage furs