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I've been so excited to write this day's card XD I'm pretty sure some other people will choose the same girl as me for this one, but here goes....

My choice is Yuno Gasai from Future Diary!!!

Yuno is just a fantastic creepy character. She's pretty much the textbook definition of a yandere character. She's totally loving, but also totally psychotic. I don't want to ruin too much for anyone who hasn't seen this, but she's pretty much willing to do ANYTHING to accomplish the tasks she sets out for herself. Her expression while doing these things is always so chilling.....so Yuno is my choice!

Who do you think is the creepiest female character?

Leave your response in the comments & discuss OR make your own card! Tag me in it by typing @hikaymm so I can clip it to my 13 Days of Halloween Anime collection ^-^
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Rena from when they cry
@ShakirBishop yeah but mion was creepy more times then her although she still is kinda creepy herself yeah
how about shiro from deadman wonderland?
Yuno is my wife 馃槑
Honestly if I was in an anime I'd be a male version of yuno