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Sad news for Big Bang fans
Truly thankful I got to see them in Vegas this year. 6 years is a long time 😭😭😭
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No music from them for a while if this is true :(. I wonder though, will anybody be able to focus in the army once they get there cause I know I sure wouldn't (Random)
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I'm glad I saw them in Vegas too... I'll miss them a lot :(
2 years ago·Reply
This did make me sad but i understand that it's mandatory and i can wait and pray for the best while they're away.
2 years ago·Reply
taeyang and g daddy at the same time wwaaaaeeee
2 years ago·Reply
is this legit? like as in really true?? I'm devastated that their enlisting but I will be waiting for their return ❤❤❤
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