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We've made it to the last day of the 13 Days of Anime Halloween! Wooo! We did it!!

And that means it's time to come back full circle to day 1: horror anime recs!

On Day 1 of this challenge, a lot of people gave me more recs for horror anime, so I'm going to list them up here!

- Gantz (recommended by @Danse, read about why here!!!!)
- Akame Ga Kill (recommended by @Thatperson512, read about why here!!) - Vampire Hunter D (recommended by @SeintoSeiya, read about why here!!!)
- Tokyo Ghoul (recommended by @ConnerThompson, @padfoot77 & @Oso05)
- Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (recommended by @BatataKnight)
- Claymore (recommended by @EduardoPontier)
- High School of the Dead
- Future Diary (recommended by @Straightshooter & @TristanCooper)
- Another (recommended by @mkbmccann & @ZwankimaWalker)
- Beserk (recommended by @Jason41)
- Parasyte the Maxim (recommended by @CaitlinRachaele)
- Corpse Party: Tortured Souls (recommended by @DarielaCorona)
- Karin (recommended by @biancadanica98)
- Higurashi (recommended by @SparkRIDE)

Have more recommendations? Agree with the list?

Leave your thoughts in the comments, or make a card and tag me (type @hikaymm in the card!) so I can clip it to the 13 Days of Anime Halloween Collection ^-^
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Oh, and of course, Hellsing Ultimate!
Elfen lied
And Deadman Wonderland
omg i love karen! and i second akame ga kill!