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Seventeen hip-hop sat down for an interview for Cosmopolitan and discussed their ideal types! >ω<
~Wonwoo answered "I have this fantasy. A girl who reads by the window sill as the light shines against her. If I see a girl like that I think I would fall in love."
~S.Coups answered , "A girl who is professional in her field. My current ideal type is Nicki Minaj. She looks so cool rapping passionately on stage."
~Answering the question of what they would do when meeting the love of their life ~Vernon answered, "My dream is to travel the world with the person I love. Actor Tom Hanks said this in the past, to go travel the world with the person you love. If you still love that person after the trip, then that's real love. I want to experience that."
~ Mingyu told the editors of 'Cosmopolitan' that Seventeen's unique charm would be their energy. ~Minkyu said, "We overflow with energy. You will have fun and smile when you watch us. You'll feel recharged."
@ARMYStarlight But if I try to do that , I'll fall off the window sill and the book would fly out of my hand and hit me in the head LOL
someone grab me a book quick and a window sill to sit in 😂😂
How could I like them when most of them are to young????
@sarangseoltang Heh that's funny...try to look cool but instead look like a fool...that would be me as well ^-^
Now I know how to catch wonwoo's attention hah...its a good thing I love reading!!