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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Kuusou Mesorogiwi by Yousei Teikoku (Mirai Nikki)

Mirai Nikki has some amazing songs but this is where everything started. No one can just listen to this song just once. Yousei's voice matches perfectly with the theme of the anime which is another reason why the anime was so enjoyable (at least for me). When we talk about Mirai Nikki or Yuno, most people will think of this song as well. It's creepy, haunting and amazing!

Make sure to check Yousei's Original MV. She is the queen of music with that haunting feeling and that goth look suits her so damn well.

Mirai Nikki has so many creepy and amazing songs! Which one's your favorite?
Close your eyes and listen!~

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I accidently came across it and I actually thought it was awesome but I also watched it first so yaaa know no preconceptions. Different storylines also helped. it was cool ^.^ @RosePark
2 years ago·Reply
@littlemaryk Maybe thats why xD but personally Ive hated all live action series so I dont bother with them anymore :S They'll just ruin my mental image of the characters if I do and its bad
2 years ago·Reply
Yea trust me I feel you. @RosePark
2 years ago·Reply
@littlemaryk wait, what?! There's a live action with this series?!!!! Ugh. I will have to watch it now. Where did you watch it at? @RosePark you know I've already fallen in love with this song here recently. >.< Great song. I hadn't seen the original video yet, though. I did buy the song though. After episode 2 maybe?! Lol. ^.^ I'm still not really ready to talk about this show yet. I'm still pulling myself together again...
2 years ago·Reply
Yes! It is not quite the same as the series actually there are key differences that make it interesting actually but yea so be prepared for that. I thought it was pretty awesome though! but I did watch it first. Uhhh I think I watched it at dramafever ^.^ @ButterflyBlu
2 years ago·Reply