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This is a great way to give out treats this Halloween to kids that come by for trick-or-treating. It's incredibly easy and will make giving out candy simple and easy this Halloween. This DIY tutorial comes from One Little Project.


For this project, you will need:
-- Tissue paper in orange
-- Scissors
-- Pencil
-- Green tape (painter's tape works really well)
-- Assorted candy (to fill the pumpkins)
-- 9" cake pan
You can find all of these at a craft store.

Cut the tissue paper into a circle

Place the 9" cake pan on the orange tissue paper. Then, trace around the cake pan with a pencil. Cut around the pencil marks to make a large orange circle.

Fill with assorted candy

Place a few pieces of candy in the center of the orange tissue paper circle.

Pinch the tissue up into a bag

Gather the tissue paper up around the pieces of candle and pinch it all together at the top so that it forms a little bag of candy.

Tape the bag

Use the painter's taper (or any other green tape) to wrap around the top of the bag so that the bag will be fastened together and will hold all of the delicious candy.

Give these cute candy pumpkins out at Halloween!

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