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Taylor Swift Fan Shows Her Appreciation In A Stylish Way

Everyone loves Taylor Swift. Even Kanye.

If Kanye appreciates you, that says a lot because Kanye is well, Kanye. When it comes to Taylor's fans, it's not a secret that she has plenty. She might even have a super fan and when I say a super fan, I literally mean that. Taylor Swift embodies everything young women want to be: beautiful, fashionable, humble and who wouldn't want an amazing voice? Well for one fan, she took obsessing over Taylor to a whole other level and decided to dress up exactly like her favorite songstress for one full week.
Although Taylor has her by a few extra inches in height, that didn't deter the fan from pulling off an amazing replica of Taylor's style. She said, "So when I realized that my own wardrobe was filled with similar pieces, I put myself to the test. Would I be able to re-create a few of Ms. Swift's best looks on my own 5'0" body then rock them for a week? Well, I tried my best and later snapped some photos in Taylor's TriBeCa 'hood in New York for the full effect." Believe it or not, her looks were absolutely on point and I am pretty sure Taylor would be proud. To see this extreme fan recreate Taylor Swifts sense of style for exactly one week keep scrolling to see how it's done.
This was so spot on. What do you think?

I definitely think the black overalls has to be the best look.

what? you mean thats not taylor swift?
2 years ago·Reply
haha, nope! that's not Tay Tay @MelissaMae
2 years ago·Reply
ahhh so cool! I really actually like t-swifts fashion!
2 years ago·Reply
me too!!! it's pretty perfect @nicolejb
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