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I see a lot posts recently about saying anime isn't cartoons. Look I know you probably don't want an awesome anime like Angel Beats being compared to a cartoon like Chowder (though it's so cute). But that doesn't change the truth. Yes I don't like having animes I like being compared to American cartoons, but that doesn't mean that anime isn't cartoons in Japan. America separates anime from cartoons because America isn't used to cartoons. But in Japan it's different. Anime is the Japanese translation for cartoon. No matter the quality. Believe it or not there are animes with the same quality as America's Ed Edd and Eddy. But still called anime. And if it was shown in America, it'd be under the anime category. Saying anime isn't cartoons because how it looks is almost like saying any detailed cartoon should be considered an anime. Here's some examples of American cartoons that are as detailed as animes when they're still just cartoons.
Here are a few! Now here's a couple of animes that have more of a western style
See? Cartoons are cartoons. There are children cartoons and there are adult cartoons. Even some for teens! As you'd probably notice the American Teen cartoons tend to be more detailed. Same as anime. They are simply cartoons targeted towards older audiences. So they're more detailed! Either way they're still cartoons! Detailed or not :D So please spread the education!!
I agree with all this. I just think people start getting upset when someone says something like its "just" cartoons. because something like that, using 'just' as a qualifier, degrades the material and lessens/cheapens it.
Agreed! It's animated, it's cartoon. I'm not bashing anyone's ideas,opinions or facts, it's just the way I see it. Animated drawing is cartoon.
@Priscillasdoor well then friend! I guess I typed all that for nothing. Thanks for helping me warm my thumb muscles!
No no no no you misunderstood but thank you for your opinion! And yes you can call me friend as long as you're not being demeaning. I'm not saying animes are the same as Western cartoons. No not at all. I'm actually saying the opposite in my post. They are very different though some can be the same (as stated in the last panel). I guess what I'm trying to make clear is that anime is pretty much "Eastern" cartoons. Anime is Japanese cartoons.
so rwby is by definition a anime same as trigun is a cartoon? huh so it doesn't matter then really just were does it come from america Japan wherever. just who IS it targeted at.
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