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The temperature is definitely dropping, but let's admit the fact that there are some women who still wash their hair or at least wet it daily. If you happen to be that woman, you know that you don't always feel the need or urgency to dry your hair. Besides, why use electricity when you can air dry?
If you find yourself constantly wetting your hair without any clue how to style it during the drying process -- fear not, I have a few options for you. Keep scrolling to see the video below offer you a few quick hairstyles for those wet hair days.
These three styles are amazing.

What's your favorite?

Very unique and simple @jazziejazz
I like the knot one...its unique...
I have hair that goes past my bum. I am always looking for new styles, thanks for this!!!
you're so welcome!! @kararhory
I love this so much! thanks for sharing.
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