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This is a series where I pick two fictional characters from anything list off their feats and abilities then, I decide on who I think would win based off the facts. Please note that this is my unbiased opinion. Man am I excited to do this one, it was supposed to already be done but, things got pushed back so, here it is now. This is the first time I have done a collaboration on my Versus Battle, I asked a good friend on here to pick any fictional character from anything and I'll use that character in Versus Battle. Note that this episode isn't all my doing, I had the help of @shannonl5. Let's get this Battle started with these crazy badass women!
Combatant one: Black Widow Trained at a young age to be a Soviet spy and secret agent with no equal. Associated with both the Avengers and SHIELD. A world class athlete, gymnast, acrobat, and aerialist. Expert martial artist. A weapons specialist, markswoman, and has extensive espionage training. Also an accomplished ballerina. Has weapon bracelets which shoot out energy blast that go up to 30,000 volts, grappling hooks, tear gas, and Widow's Kiss (a modified knock out gas) Belt of explosives. Suit allows her to stick to walls. Received a variant of the Super Soldier Serum enhancing physical and mental capabilities slightly beyond human capabilities and making her immune to most if not all infections, diseases, and disorders. Expert tactician. Assassin. Shown to be very stealthy.
Combatant two: Harley Quinn A psychologist. Former sidekick to the Joker. Was shoved into a chemical vat that changed her. Was made to undergo torture and was inducted into the Suicide Squad. Escaped Bell Reve. Toxic immunity. Expert gymnast. Utilizes weapons, props, and toxins such as guns, a massive hammer, bomb props, and acid. Skilled hand to hand fighter. Superhuman with enhanced strength, speed, agility, and a healing factor able to heal from gunshot wounds in a matter of seconds. Master of disguise. Shown to be willing to do anything to win.
WINNER: Black Widow This Versus Battle was harder than I thought it would be, I had to do much research to be certain on each characters capabilities. The two are so similar in skill and abilities it makes it hard, the difference in their skills is everything Harley can do Black Widow can do better. I believe Harley would tank through many bullets and explosives but, Widow is an assassin and will go for the kill. Also Harley was captured and defeated by Black Canary someone who is very similar to Widow's fighting capabilities. Widow's Kiss would most certainly be useless but, Widow would just take her out. Harley is very unpredictable but, Widow has a lot of experience and was trained since birth. She has also been shown to be very dependent, shown to either be with Joker or Ivy and if not with them she's in the Suicide Squad. I feel like Harley would put up a fight and would do anything to win but, there isn't much she can do when her opponent is much more skilled and is an expert tactician.
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@MichaelOgg Wow! Thanks, I try! :)
@OGv6FATE Maybe one day my characters will make their way into your vs cards xD
@MichaelOgg Just give some suggestions and maybe I can do a Versus Battle.
@OGv6FATE once I get a few issues out I'll ask you about some XP
@MichaelOgg Alright deal!