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The week might not be over, but it's never too early.

Everyone loves a ponytail. They're easy to do, convenient and trendy. It may sound pretty difficult to come up with seven hairstyles that will take you through the week, but nothing is impossible. That's why the ponytail is the perfect hairstyle to take you from Monday to Sunday. Perfect for any occasion, you'll feel both comfortable and stylish in no time. Keep scrolling to see seven perfect ponytails for seven days of the week.

Ladies, what day of the week ponytail do you love most?

I swear this is a life saver. I'm in cheer leading and we have a big event tomorrow morning and I'm getting sooooooo tired of the classic, regular, boring ponytail.
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yayyyy! I hope one of these styles comes in handy :) good luck on your event @saraortiz2002
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