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With long hair you can do just about anything you want for your wedding. The biggest question, however, is what do you want your hair to look like? With social media brimming with ideas, it's probably really hard to choose.
My first recommendation is to join the Hairstyles Community on Vingle here. You will have all the ideas, tips, tricks and know-how to make your bridal hair absolutely perfect!
The second thing I would recommend is that you think about the overall look you want that fits with your dress, your veil and your style of wedding, whether it's BoHo chic, modern, rustic, etc.
Once you have a good idea of what you are looking for, bring your phone, with your favorite hairstyles from Vingle to show your hair designer.
The next step is to let them work their magic, interpreting your ideas into something stunning on you.
I have included a few hairstyles that I thought are really pretty for those with long hair.