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Types Of Single People As Told By Lilly Singh

The single life.

Some people hate and some people love it. At the end of the day, it's all about what you make it out to be. If you're single and miserable, you'll be miserable until you change the way you think. Get up and do something. Sitting around moping all day will make you hate the single life, obviously. Nobody likes the idea of being alone or unwanted, but you can easily change that. There are plenty of fish in the sea and although that saying is super cliche, it's the truth. You won't find Nemo relaxing in the snow. You have to get out in hopes of swimming into exactly what you're looking for. Although you shouldn't be looking, we all do it [even if that's just in a mental sense].
We are human beings and although we came into this world alone and we will die alone, somewhere in between we are supposed to be connecting with someone else. Timing is everything and just because you're not connection with someone at the moment doesn't mean that you won't eventually. Just think of your love life as wi-fi. Give it time. I know how it is and the struggle is real, but it doesn't have to be. If you're single or ever been single, keep scrolling to see our favorite YouTuber Lilly Singh talk about the different types of single people.

What type of single person do you happen to be?

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Yeah, that's sort of when I give up. Time is hard to come by for me lately! :'(
2 years ago·Reply
I totally understand! so true though @danidee
2 years ago·Reply
I'm single and I hate it I try to have a positive outlook yet no one really likes me like that I'm not really looking and I try but no matter how much the person I like always likes someone else I'm always getting friend zoned and they always see me like a brother
2 years ago·Reply
I've learned to be patient. before you know it the right person will come along and will love you unconditionally. no worries. being single has its days. but it's not as bad as we make it out to be. when you love yourself, nothing else matters :) try and keep yourself busy in order to remain positive and trust me, the right guy will show up in due time @LigerP
2 years ago·Reply
I've been single for the last 10 years I don't know what to do anymore I had one person who I thought was the one but she keeps hurting me and I'm really tired of being single I don't masturbate it doesn't feel the same . I'm a guy looking for a girl
2 years ago·Reply