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Im guilty of loving too much, caring too much, believing to much, being too strong and too weak all at the same time. Im guilty of too much kindness, patience and forgivness, guilty of being to gracious and empathetic. But i got the rug ripped out from under me one too many times, spat on and kicked while i was down one too many times, and now, I am the complete opposite. Now, i am hatful, vengeful, and mean. And they don't see all that he did to make me this way. They all think they are entitled to treat people like piss and just walk away. They are into victim blaming and showing just how ugly their hearts really are. And it reminds me how much he really deserved what i did to him, and more, and i am not sorry.
Yep, that's right. If you are going to manipulate a woman into loving you with every inch of her heart and soul and then brutally abuse her emotionally, make sure you don't do it through texting or messages. she might take screen shots and let every one see what a piece of shit you really are. what kind of sick f*ck gets a girl to care for him so deeply, makes her think that he loves her too and then cuts her off with the silent treatment saying that he will talk again if she will agree to perform sex things on skype?
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There are too many manipulative game players out there. Stay strong.
You're worth so much @MelissaMae, and now no one will ever be able to treat you that way again because you know what to look for. You got through this, and now every day you'll get stronger and feel more whole :)
i wish that were true but its not that easy at all. but you are right. it will never happen again. @allischaaff
@MelissaMae I know it must be so hard :( I'm with you girl. I hope with time the pain eases a little, bit by bit <3