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Donald Trump keeps making headlines for all of the wrong reasons.
Last night, Trump spoke at a rally in New Hampshire. An audience member asked Trump what he thought about the United States’ presence in the Middle East. Trump’s unusual response turned into a discussion of women’s headwear.
You gotta hear this one.
Trump decided to float his answer to the question into clothing choice by Islamic women in the region. Trump’s stance on the burka is that some Islamic women may prefer to wear one rather than bother putting on makeup.
“I saw a woman interviewed. They said, ‘We want to wear [burkas], we’ve worn them for a thousand years. Why would anybody tell us not to?’ They want to! What the hell are we getting involved for? Fact is, it’s easy. You don’t have to put on makeup, look how beautiful everyone looks. Wouldn’t it be easier? Right? Wouldn’t that be easy?” said Trump.

This guy is the worst.

To be honest, the more I see him on the air, the more scared I get about the future of the country. At the moment, Trump is still high on the board for the Republican Party (he's in a battle with Ben Carson, who is quite the character as well.)
You can even here people laugh at this horrible joke from Trump. With his consistent success in polls, you have to wonder how many people support Trump's racist views behind closed doors.
We have to do better America.
I love how it seems like he didn't even know the name of a "shoowa", as he puts it, is a burka.
I thought the same exact thing @jokes! like he doesn’t even GET IT. or the cultural history or real reason for why they wear it. ugh.
Money can't buy intelligence
I only watch Trump to see how stupid he is.
Well if they want to cover their hair or faces because of their culture I think that's fine and there's no reason for anyone to get involved; I agree with that part of it but his jokes weren't appropriate or necessary.