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A rehab clinic in Madrid, Spain, hired an actress to walk around town pretending to be drunk to gauge men’s reactions.
Recently we saw a similar experiment in Los Angeles that had ups and downs in regards to how men handled the situation, as some tried to take advantage of the drunk citizen.
I guess people overseas wondered if people within their country would be more helpful to a citizen in need. Guess again.
Sadly, the majority of the men the lady approached tried to take advantage of the drunk lady walking the streets.
While many may think that a boatload of helpful male citizens were cut out of the video to allow the film to create a greater impact, the director states that wasn't the case.
Most of you are probably surprised and some of you also disgusted and maybe you are thinking that we have avoided some scenes favoring the most ‘juicy’ parts, but I am afraid to deceive you. It really was the opposite. Those situations full of rudeness and physical abuse were taken away because there is no need to show it in such depth. The most disappointing fact is that we had no need to edit the video. Why? Because nobody got close to helping this drunken woman.”
This isn't good.
To be fair, nobody helps drunk men walking alone in the city in the daytime either.
That’s an interesting idea. I think you are so right @Lloydm sex seems to be linked to alcohol advertising, and it puts us in that mainframe.
I'm not shocked at all the way they throw sex in almost every billboard television , online, phone , ads etc this constant reminder of sex gears us up.. most of us can't get out this lower vibration level= horrible judgment.. just my opinion
I was surprise no one even just asked, “how can I help you?” like, it’s so simple! @humairaa
@nicolejb actually i was shocked. I really didn't expect them to behave like that. No one even tried to help
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