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When you mix both fashion and hair, this who you get.

I had the pleasure of linking up with an amazing person and fellow YouTuber last week, Janay Jacobs. It was good vibes from the second we started talking down to the very moment we said goodbye. I stumbled upon this beauty on Twitter and decided to reach out to see if she was interested in doing a brief interview and the rest is history. Janay was born in Baltimore, Maryland and currently resides in New York City. She is 24 years old and currently works for the non-profit organization called Girls Inc. Her mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. When she's not teaching, she's making videos on YouTube [see here]. She started her YouTube channel two years ago focusing on everything from wellness, self-confidence, holistic living and inspiration she takes from her job. If you like what you've read so far and you're interested in hearing more, keep scrolling because this is just the beginning.
Q: How long have you been into hair and fashion? A: Hair, all my life mainly. My grandmother was a beautician, so I grew up in her salon and just always being up under her. As I grew older she let me pre-cream, shampoo and curl, but she would never let me perm them. As far as fashion goes, I honestly don't know when it happened. I would probably say college. Middle school I always got made fun of. My mother was a teacher and she knew what students should or shouldn't be wearing and she dressed me. In high school I wrote uniforms. College I started experimenting or putting stuff together. One thing about me, I'm very versatile with my look. People always compliment me for always switching up my look, but I was always known for rocking what I had. Rihanna is my fashion idol. Q: Where or who do you get most of your inspiration from? A: Rihanna and I just draw myself to the urban chic/urban boho styles. Just being comfortable with my fashion is key. There are those times I do a little bit more and that's where the versatility comes in. Q: Favorite Youtuber? A: Shameless Maya. I met her my first year in New York. Q: If you could give one fashion tip to beginners, what would it be? A: Go with your first instinct, go with your first feeling and go with your first judgement on that piece you should've bought and even when getting dressed in the morning.
Q: Must have fashion/hair item for the fall? A: Must have fashion item is ponchos. I've had them for years, but every time they just come through. I'm the type of person who gets cold all the time. Hair item would be deep conditioner because at the end of the day you have to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. Specifically, I've been using the TGIN [Thank God I'm Natural] brand, although I could easily make my own. They are good. Q: A leather jacket or boyfriend jeans? A: Leather jacket because it goes with anything. Q: One word to describe your taste in fashion. A: Unpredictable. Q: Favorite hair product? A: Natural Ingredients [my kitchen cabinet].
Q: Have you always been natural? A: No, I went natural after I graduated college in May 2013, right before I moved to New York. Initially I was transitioning, got a weave, permed my hair and kept the weave until spring semester. There was no point in perming my hair if my hair was weaved up, so it was finally my opportunity to go natural. Throughout my senior year, I didn't do anything. Spring semester I tried transitioning hair styles, but they were so ugly. Right before graduation I did a quick weave and afterwards I big chopped. Q: What's one fashion faux pa that drives you crazy? A: People should be expressive in their fashion. If your pants are too tight and your get up doesn't go together than you shouldn't pretend it does. Q: Hair tip you live by? A: Good hair care is the key to good hair. Some people totally disregard that and get upset when their hair is breaking off and don't know why. Thats the one thing my grandmother taught me growing up in her shop. Q: Go to outfit look for the fall? A: Go to outfit would probably be my boyfriend jeans, a nice sweater, my leather jacket or poncho and sneakers.
It was indeed a pleasure sitting down and talking about Janay's love for both fashion and hair. If you're interested in learning more about your new favorite YouTuber and keeping up with her on the daily, follow her @_yayornayyy on all social media platforms. Keep a looking for her site coming soon: