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Any emotional anime is like my favorite. So if u kno any more plz comment some below ^_^ I love pokemon and its another show that I grew up watchn. Its gotten better every other season. This part definitely caught my attention and I could not control my feelings at this point. Pretty late episode also but im up to date. Serena is a beautiful girl who kinda resembles hinata because they both get a little blushy around there crush. Pretty obvious. Serena cried becuz her feelings couldn't take it from her first time feeling like this. She lost at her performance but just didn't take it well at the end of the day and let it loose through her tears. 〒_〒
When she was holdn her hair in a funny way..... I just knew what she was thinkn. My thoughts while watchn: "Nooo what are you doing?" But now I look and I think that the cut looks pretty cute. It shocked me but I guess im ovr it now. But Would you actually cut your hair if u had hair like her? If so-I really wanna know why.
fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is a very emotional anime to me
I know that the anime I'm presently watching (Jewelpets Sunshine) gets somewhat emotional not to mention the Jewelpets kind of resemble pokemon.