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I feel like I just discovered buried treasure like what?!

This was so awesome I can't understand how I haven't seen this!

Them in sailor uniforms is the best thing I have ever seen. Please where more uniforms!

BTS babies are climbing up up up the ladder to my heart. Hajima!
I freaking LOVE the one with the sailer outfits!!! The choreography is AWESOME!!! I also really like the first one, but I like the practice video better 'cause you can see it more clearly.
@BallisticB4c0n Same! So I was glad they threw some rock hard beats in their dance haha.
@ElizabethT Yeah I agree. I liked the first one because the getting shot, dying and then brought back to life concept was super cool but I like the sailor choreography better.
Same!!! TaeTae ♡
Hahaha, love it! The rock was awesome. Totally threw me by surprise. I love many diff genres of music. I grew up on metal, which I still love. Indie, grunge, alt, dupstep etc so many lol. Kpop, metal, and dub for life lol
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