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Lol now that think about it she didn't get one at all in the series 馃槀
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yep next year is when it's supposed to release @LeafNinja85
@LeafNinja85 No, I've seen the entire movie. It's drawn by the same Anime creator that originally did SAO and was made before Sao II was a thing. The movie is called "Sword Art Online Extra Edition"
@Animefanatic18 ^ see above
I was pretty bummed about that cause personally Lisbeth is waifu
@BrandonHoward SHE SO IS! So is Sinon-hime though. I think I like Sinon just a tad more than Lizbeth, but I like those 2, and Suguha most. Not really a fan of any of the others, and I can't stand Asuna, and I don't know why.