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This one ought to be fun. I know for a fact I won't be catching them all, but that's what extra installments are for! Here are some types of friends I'm sure we can all say we have. (If you have no friends, come back after you've made some). Which ones do you have? Which one are you? Or are you a combination of more than one? Let me know in the comments section
1. The Mile Taker's
These are the friends that have to change. They either have to change friend circles, or change their act, because no one likes a Mile Taker for too long. A Mile Taker is a friend that always requires favors. They may range from small to large, but they are constant and (more often than not) you're getting nothing in return. No one can put up with this for too long, or rather, they shouldn't.
2. The Guy
You know how sometimes you need to do something a little spontaneous and you require random things? This friend has these things. Need a screwdriver? Got it. Need a car to borrow? Just fill her up. Need a date Saturday night? What's your type? (Note: The Guy doesn't necessarily mean it's a male. The title comes from the phrase "I have a guy for that." Don't take it literally).
3. The One With Connections
This one goes hand in hand with all of them (especially the previous one). This friend might be a jock, maybe a cheerleader, or just a really fun person to be around. Either way, if you don't have one of these friends in your circle, chances are that this person does. Keep them close, they really don't need you, you need them.
4. The Foreign One
They don't understand our customs and it's adorable! This isn't meant to be a racial thing, it just sort of happens. What can we say? Their charm is in their inability to understand, and we love them anyway! They usually stick to the last friend like glue.
5. The Funny One
We all knew this one was coming, someone has to keep the laughs coming! Your circle has one definitely, hell you might even have a couple of them lying around. Funny friends are like cookies, you can never have too many (I have a problem and this was me crying for help).
6. The Leader of the Bunch
Whose circle is it anyway? Is it yours? Is it your best friend's? Do you guys take turns? There has to be one in every group. Friend circles are not democracies damn it, they're dictatorships and you WILL fall in line. Whose house do you all hang out at? Who drives you guys around? In my circle, the responsibility is shared by my best friend and I. It's best that way, so there are no conflicting egos.
7. The Glue
Someone has to be the adult in the group, keep all the miscreants from getting into trouble. If not, and you were all free to run wild, think of the chaos. This is the friend that always knows what time it is, the designated driver, the parents' best friend. Your circle certainly needs one of these as well, lest it implodes on itself.
8. The BEST friend(s)
When it's all said and done and the party is over, who is still with you? Who knows your parents as "Mom and Dad?" Who is at your house when you aren't? They share your things, they give you theirs, they almost don't belong on the list because best friends are family.
I am the guy. XD We were walking along in a store, and came to the checkout. The checkout guy had a promotional shirt on, and my friend said "Hey! It looks like it would be 3D if someone had the old 3D glasses." *WHOOSH* I whip the old 3D glasses from my pocket, and everyone slowly looks over at me, the look of "what in the world" on their faces.
I'm the glue or as I like to call it, the behind the scenes leader.
If you guys haven't read my other stuff, I'd appreciate it if you gave it a look. You might like it as well :)
I couldn't have done it without you guys, all of you guys! Thanks a bunch!
I'm totally the glue
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