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1st Anime/manga ever?
What anime was it that you first saw and the first manga you ever read? The one that got you hooked on to see even many more? My first anime was Rosario+Vampire, after watching it i fell in love with anime and started watching every anime that interested me and my first manga was rave master i think it was great and very similar to Fairy Tale it even has some characters from fairytale like jellal and plue!! but yea what were ya first?
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anime: Soul Eater manga: Fairy Tail
2 years ago·Reply
anime: inuyasha manga: nabari no ou
2 years ago·Reply
Anime: Inuyasha Manga: Fruits basket
2 years ago·Reply
anime-HunterxHunter manga-HunterxHunter ha-ha Inuyasha same start time:)
2 years ago·Reply
Mine was blood plus and rosario + vampire absolute favs
2 years ago·Reply