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Okay so I made a account and well this is my first time making something. I thought maybe after I finally got used to it I'd make something. Again this is kinda my first time interacting with people from different States, cities, and country's, please don't judge!!
Okay so here are some facts about me I LOVE K-POP I'm socially awkward as you can see I live in America I have some Mexican and Asian blood in me I LOVE ANIME Chen, and Taemin are mine I have depression so please don't be mean it really does hurt I have 3 brothers I'm the only girl in the family So yeah there are some fact about me..
I'm new here so can I have some people take me under their wing? Or help me out a little? Thanks for at least reading this. :)
OMG THANK YOU EVERYONE I expected like one or two comments. BUt noo there's 17 comments THANKS YOU @ARMYStarlight @Mariloveexoxo @thePinkPrincess @AimeeH @destiny1419 @Melima @jeppblackmen @sarangseoltang @lanejlzero @TylerOrtega @StefaniTre @Ercurrent @Emealia @LilianaZeferino AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH
WELCOME TO VINGLE My inbox is always open if you need to talk or vent, we're family here babe. Prepare for heart attacks and fangirling on the daily <-- If you need help with either of those, I offer gif sets and story times that induce feels. If I don't have your bias, just tell me who and I'll have something for you! And don't worry hun, more of us have something up with our heads than we'll admit. And we take bullying seriously here, I'll caps lock a bitch into tomorrow if you need me too.
Its okay I was nervous too when I first started but people here are really nice so don't feel too bad. Oh and welcome!!
@JuviaJongdae haha no problem XD I didn't even make an intro card I was just like EY so wanna learn Korean ya XD
no problem. the kpop fandom is the warmest and most loving. once your in your family. :) @JuviaJongdae
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