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Well I am really shy... but when I get out of my comfort zone I can really not stop talking >~< but like some people actually wanted to use this to learn Japanese but tbh I am stuck since I dont understand where to start, but I also did see other great communities I cant wait to create my own some day n.n Other then being shy I also have a decent amount of skills like sleeping and eating lol but I also do draw, skateboard, and play a bit of guiter :3 I am also a young entrepreneur so in the process of building and expanding my business n.n other then that I am really friendly and hope to be friends with a lot of people cx
I thought I add a picture this is from NYCC
Hi hi! Hope you have some fun here! ✌🏼
awesome community lol thanks guys xD
welcome to vingle XD <3
welcome to vingle if you have any questions feel free to ask
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