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Any like yu yu hakusho
What made you like this show For me it's because you went through his whole journey and got to see the whole group grow
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hell yeah man dats my shit
2 years ago·Reply
in my top ten anime
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i haven't seen it, but i always wanted to watch it. What do you people recpmmend watching it on
2 years ago·Reply
@KadenGraybill Anilinkz or anywhere else you can find it. just watch it.
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I use to watch yu yu n DBZ on toonami after school back in the day. DBZ use to be my favorite anime until I actually I went n saw the whole yu yu series, now it's my favorite with HxH n One Piece. got the complete bluray set. Still the only anime I went out and bought, it jus never gets old. favorite character, they're all great but if I had to choose Yusuke he's a badass main character who wasn't a goody goody like all the others shonen mains.
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