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Time for a knockout game! Who wants to play? The rules are simple. On certain cards there will be a collage picture of 10 different anime males who are just to bad ass for words. Your job is to vote who you think doesn't truly belong there or they do but they are just the weakest out of the pack. Whoever gets the most votes shall be eliminated until there is only 1 truly badass left. Because there are 10 choices there will be 9 rounds, each round has a deadline, so be quick about your vote. Voting options will close after 36 hours( A day and a half) RULES: 1. YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONE TIME 2.MUST HAVE PUT VOTE IN BEFORE THE DEADLINE AND THE ROUND IS UP. WILL NOT TAKE LATE VOTES. First Round will be posted tommorow at 8:00PM sharp GMT/Eastern Daylight Time. Be Prepared. (Warning: Additional rules will be added if things get out of hand) Good Luck and may the odds be forever in your favor. (Yes, I went there)
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@beannachtoraibh Ciel would die in the first round. I vote Hisoka.
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Ciel, he ain't that strong without his butler
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[[not a vote comment]] @dzaog @crazyfury With a mentor like Sebastian, the demon Ciel Phantomhive has so much potential. Once he gets past his malaise.
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