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Everyone loves a haunted house. Some kid from your high school chasing you with a chain saw and a terrifying "insane" person waiting to scream in your face the second you turn the corner.
But McKamey Manor isn't that haunted house.
This San Diego Haunted House requires signed waivers and a full medical check up to make sure you can endure the stress and terror that this 4-7 hour haunted house inflicts on you.
Thats right....I said 4-7 hours.
During these hours of sheer horror you wont have to worry about if someone is going to touch know going in they will.
At McKamey Mannor you are bound, gagged, force fed, locked away in small spaces, and so many other things that I really don't know about since I WOULD NEVER IN MY LIFE GO TO THIS!!
Check out the promo here!
This isn't just any fun haunted house. This is a metal game that can leave you wondering if you will ever actually get out.
And yet tons of people are signing up to see just how long they can last! In fact a couple went right after their wedding! Nothing say romantic like pissing your pants am I right?
So the real question is ....Would you even be able to make it though the front door?
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how could this possibley be fun for anyone unless they like being abused? force fed? what if i dont like what they feed me or even know what it is? what if i get scared and think they forgot wgjere they put me and they will never find me. what if im tied up and my limbs fall asleep? lol this is stupid.
I don't know tbh. Some people are just thrill junkies who want a "truer scaring experience" or something like that. Or maybe they want to do it just to say they did it or they tried it? Who knows?
@mkbmccann idk not for me. i like feeling my arms. 馃槣
I'm driving down next Halloween to do this!!!
actually scientifically speaking being scared increases your arousal so that bit aboit the wedding couple isn't that surprising