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Tokyo Ghoul is amazing. Though I haven't finished watching the second season ;-; but I plan to finish it eventually (since my damn tablet broke). The animation and quality is just... the best alongside of many others! (Like Full Metal Alchemist *0* ) My favorite character would be Uta, Juuzou, and white haired Ken.
I really like the green tea ones :) my friend gave me some for my birthday. I do the same when I watch anime, I usually hide out in my bedroom...I just don't have any soda...utter sadness because of sounds so good!!!
Pokey yes. Never tried the green tea kit Kats o.o My way is more like: bottle of mountain dew Cheetos Blanket Bed ore couch
sounds amazing, it is totally worth sitting down and watching as much as I can with a lap full of pokey and green tea kit-kats :)
@SierraNichols SAME. I swear, a whole day full of just season 1 and 2 xD
yeah, I know... ❤ I just can't wait to finally watch the rest of season 2 when I get the chance! it has been. so ing since I watched it last I might need to watch season 1 for the third time - lol!
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