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What are your opinions/comments/thoughts on TOKYO GHOUL?
Tokyo Ghoul is amazing. Though I haven't finished watching the second season ;-; but I plan to finish it eventually (since my damn tablet broke). The animation and quality is just... the best alongside of many others! (Like Full Metal Alchemist *0* ) My favorite character would be Uta, Juuzou, and white haired Ken.
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yeah, I know... ❤ I just can't wait to finally watch the rest of season 2 when I get the chance! it has been. so ing since I watched it last I might need to watch season 1 for the third time - lol!
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@SierraNichols SAME. I swear, a whole day full of just season 1 and 2 xD
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sounds amazing, it is totally worth sitting down and watching as much as I can with a lap full of pokey and green tea kit-kats :)
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Pokey yes. Never tried the green tea kit Kats o.o My way is more like: bottle of mountain dew Cheetos Blanket Bed ore couch
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I really like the green tea ones :) my friend gave me some for my birthday. I do the same when I watch anime, I usually hide out in my bedroom...I just don't have any soda...utter sadness because of sounds so good!!!
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