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You might have met your soul mate, the person who is your best friend, your secret keeper, the one thing that gets your heart racing. Its love, you know it.
Before you settle down, join bank accounts, and start sharing that mortgage there are a few questions that must be answered and trust me, they aren't all flowers and hearts.
But they are the most important things.
1. What if one of us wants to quit their job and go after their passion, even if it might fail? Will we be able to support each other though success AND failure?
2. What if one us wants children and the other just can not bare the thought of parenthood? Are either of us willing to accept the others decision?
3. What if we both want children but can't get pregnant? Will that lead to bitter feelings? Would we be willing to shell out the money for fertility treatment or adoption?
4. What if one of us becomes mentally or physically ill? Will you be willing to devote your life to a different version of them?
5. What if one person gets the job of a lifetime across the world? Will we move to at least try and make it work? If not would we be able to handle the distance?
6. What if one of us found out something about their past that shocks and upsets us? Will we be willing to talk though it, even though we might view them differently?
7. What if we both lose everything? Will we be able to find solace and support in each other or just someone to blame?
8. What if one person has the urge to travel, see the world, adventure, and the other is way to content to want to experience new things?
9. What if one of us wants to try something new in bed but the other makes it clear they are NOT comfortable with that?
10. What if we start feeling like we're in a rut, wondering why or how we even began in the first place?
11. What if one of us gains weight, our bodies changing with age? Can we accept and love someone who will always be getting older?
12. What if we can't seem to get over a fight? Will we both be able to swallow our pride and let it go? What if we can't?
While these questions may seem hard, if its love, true love, the kind of love that keeps you up all night even though the person is laying right next to you then I wouldn't worry.

Things always find a way of working out.

One last question. Last food or snack that you both love, who gets it?
@ChriSingularis ahaha! that's gonna be difficult xD I love all these questions. I think I'm actually all covered :3 it's surprising and I keep waiting for a flaw that will affect my life, but nope, my relationship can withstand anything ^^ thank you for this card
@lizarnone Great questions and tough answers may follow. Giving up the first bite of a slice of pizza, thats love :)))
if you really love each will get through it..all that questions..