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The transformation Ron Artest has done on and off the floor has caught the attention of fans and officials across the league.
At one time it seems like general managers and refs couldn't wait until Ron Artest was ready to leave the NBA. Now it seems like they are doing everything in their power to keep him around.
The Lakers have shown great interest in Ron's basketball mind. According to Yahoo! Sports, MWP could become an assistant coach in Tinseltown once he hangs up his sneakers.
According to league sources, orld Peace’s return to the Lakers includes a long-term plan to transition into an assistant coach for the franchise. He has been a mentor for several young Lakers players, including 2014 No. 7 overall pick Julius Randle.
Artest is considered by many to be one of the best defensive minds in the NBA in the past 15 years. In his prime, Ron was capable of defending wings and power forwards with ease. He was also an efficient and explosive offensive player.
What do you think, is Ron Artest coach material?
Yeah same here. He seems like a great candidate and he does have a good basketball brain.
I think players will relate to and respond to artests coaching .
One of the best defensive players to ever play. He's matured to!