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Tea is something that most coffee drinkers forget about. If you're an avid caffeine junkie, you probably think tea can't get the job done as far as energy, taste and general awesomeness. Well, you're wrong.
Here are 5 teas and tea blends that will make your morning infinitely more energetic. Don't forget that coffee can give you the jitters. You won't experience any kind of crash with tea.
Make your classes and work day smoother with the addition of these blends:

1. Green Tea

This old school tea blend is a major energy booster. It's been used as an appetite suppressant as well, so if you're trying to cut down on whatever, drink Green tea before hand. You can sweeten it with a little bit of honey for extra kick.

2. Hibiscus and Rose Hip

This tea just changed my life. The brand I have is only available in Korea, but the uplifting blend really changed my mood. I feel like a different person when I drink it. Honestly, it has a lot of benefits – like TONS of antioxidants.

3. Yerba Mate Chai

Yerba is a tea that packs 80 grams of caffeine without the jolts and jitters. You won't be getting all of those withdrawal headaches from your red-eye coffee, and if you have an early class, or a long day you can sustain on this tea alone.

4. Tumeric

Tumeric tea is widely praised for its healing properties. Much like the Hibiscus and Rose Hip tea, it has many inflammation reducing antioxidant properties. You can create your own tea blend with honey and black pepper, just add tumeric and you'll have a great morning!

5. Dandelion Root

If you get a Dandelion tea you will become calm and focused in no time. It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a liver detoxifier, so if you've had a strained night of drinking and need to clean out your system, pick up this tea at a local health store. You won't be disappointed. Even though people think it's a weed, it's not!
@TessStevens Gonna try some tumeric tea though
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@TessStevens I have the occasional raspberry tea, but I usually stick to coffee
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