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Guess that MV! (Quiz #1) [Prizes Available!]
Welcome to my quiz collection! Here, I'll post random quizzes for your enjoyment :) How well do you know MVs? If you think you know the answer, comment below! Now let's get started!

MV #1

MV #2

MV #3

MV #4

How many MVs did you get right? If you commented 4 right = you'll get 20 likes on your cards! 3 right = you'll get 15 likes on your cards! 2 right = you'll get 10 likes on your cards! 1 right = you'll get 5 likes on your cards!


1. First one commenting wins the first prize! First come, first serve :) 2. You'll still have a chance of receiving likes on your cards after a winner. If you're the second winner, you will receive 15 likes, third winner for 10 likes, etc. If you only got 3 right, 15 likes; 2 right, 10 likes, etc. 3. Have fun! Follow this collection for more games!


A lucky clipper might receive 20 likes :)
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1.EXID - Up & Down 2.BAP - One Shot 3.SNSD - Oh! 4. VIXX - Voodoo
2 years agoReply
1.Up&Down-Exid(my jam) shot-b.a.p (aka video that killed me)
2 years agoReply
2. bap oneshot 3 snsd oh 4Vixx voodoo
2 years agoReply
2 years agoReply
Stay in tune for another quiz (coming up soon!)
2 years agoReply