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Aka shut up lets go ! now I know a lot of people have been turned off from this drama because of events that occurred in it, however I would like to say that it is a great watch.
Staring infinite's L Sung Joon Jo Bo Ah And other amazing stars This drama has its fair share of terrible moments. But it also shows the trials and tribulations that only true friendship can overcome. I happen to be really happy with this drama and it teaches you great lesson Such as don't take life for granted,and fight for what you believe in.
So give this drama a chance and don't run away if something makes you unhappy keep watching. Have fun and I do apologize for slacking on recommendations college life is a hard one , good luck-Jojo
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It's a lot darker than most Kdramas but I think thats what made it so powerful. Personally, I liked it a lot!
BEST BROMANCES EVER!!! I've watched this drama twice in 2 days!
I was one of the girls that wanted to stop watching after episode 3 but I kept watching and honestly I'm glad that I continued because it's really really good
This was my first drama, and honestly it took me a few weeks to actually watch the rest but it was very powerful and gave a good message. I really really enjoyed it and I'm planning on rewatching it for the third time to help me get through some personal things. It helped me out once with its powerful message, I'm hoping it can again
It does have really good life lessons in it and I really loved it, before romance it was about friendship with friends and hardships and getting passed all their differences! I'm glad it helps you @ladygdragon