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So @rosepark tagged me and a bunch of people in this week's Twisted Thursday card, where he's asked us to consider what anime character we would switch lives with, if given the chance. You can check out the original card here.
If you want to see his response (which is pretty cool imo) you can check it out here.
So without further ado, I present my choice of life-switch!
This probably comes as no surprise to anyone who's seen me fanboy over Kenpachi Zaraki. He is who I would switch lives with! To be a captain of the Gotei 13 would be awesome, if dangerous. Not just any captain, but captain of the 11th division, at that.
I am assuming (hopefully) that in the switch I would also have his monstrous strength and ability to kick serious ass, all while relishing in the fights I get into.
I would wield Nozarashi and be able to cut through anything in front of me! Even a goddamn meteor falling from the sky. That is some considerable power right there, my friends. That's why I would pick Kenpachi Zaraki. The baddest-ass of the Gotei 13. I'd love to see everyone else's considerations for this Twisted Thursday!
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I would switch lives with erza I love her requiped magic but unlike other requiped magic she can also requip her own clothing witch I am think is just cool but I also love her personality she not just tough but she is loyal and kind to her friends but not afraid to put people like natsu and gray in there place
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I would switch lives with light yagami aka kira
2 years ago·Reply
naruto all day
2 years ago·Reply
I would switch with ichigo
2 years ago·Reply
switch with tenchi muyo
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