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(RANT POST) Does it make you mad when your favorite Character dies? it seems like this happens WAY to often. It just makes makes me so mad! (ughhh) Does anyone else have this experience? because I'm sure I can't be the only one. Also here's a crossover between Sword Art Online and Kingdom Hearts :3
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@MechaBlade When you watch Alame ga skill you expect everyone to die. Lol
I agree with @thatperson512. character death should mean something and move the story along. in stuff like marvel or DBZ death has no consequence, because there are always ways of bringing people back, so it is effectively useless to kill someone or straight up not impactful. death is important - it should mean something.
My favorite character dying makes me very angry. Awhile back i watched one called nabari no ou. My favorite character died on the last episode. I was very sad
Nice pic. but no I do not regularly have this problem because I'm a wierd person who loves tragedy. very few people I like that died really angered me. such as mine from akame ga kill.
life gose on, little chulo!