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Incheon: Cafe Oz 카페오즈
Cafe Oz is a theme cafe in Incheon that is in a fairyland village (동화마을). Direction: Get down at Incheon Station. Exit no. 1. Walk around 500 meters to the Fairy Tale Village.
You might want to bring a camera and wear some decent clothing since you might be taking a lot of pictures there. There are a lot of cool looking buildings.
There are many different types of dessert and drinks there but one of the most popular one is the *Jajang Bingsu 짜장빙수 (which is shaved ice shaped as black Bean noodle) for about 8,900 won. *I have a card about Jajangmyun 짜장면, if you want to learn how to say it
Although I've never been there, I heard it's really cool and if I go to Korea, this cafe will definitely be on my list of where to go. If you would like to see more about this, you can look at people's blogs or vlogs about their trip to here. For example, ChoNunMigookSaram, a youtuber. Don't worry, she speaks in English.
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@Rita77892141 Haha it's ok but you should definitely ask some questions to the house host you will be staying in. They probably have better answers about Korea since I'm not in Korea or born in Korea. Even though I'm Korean, I've only been to Korea a couple of times.
Wow I want to thank you for the info hope to hear from you again it's time for bed have an early class tomorrow but please stay in touch love to meet and talk to people blessing night night