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If you want to learn a word or phrase in Korean, just comment it down.
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Hi wanted to ask how do you say nice to meet you in Korean and going to asks you a lot more Questions please excuse me so excited to meet a person that is Korean and if I get to nosy just tell me I won't asks any more blessings
@MadAndrea I just put a card up for "I can speak Korean." Hope it's helpful :)
@bobabubbleee hi how are you ??? Okay asking you said something in regards to some one older okay I know I do give respect to my elders now how do you know if they are older than you how can you tell also need to know if I was to asks for help would I say in Korean I need help or can I get some help or can someone help me please ??? Can you write it out for me thanks
Am I saying this right yangsil western food ????
@Rita77892141 I just posted up a card for "Nice to meet you." :) Sorry for the long wait. I was quite busy. Hope it's helpful.