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Hi! I'm new here and just downloaded this app so I'll introduce myself. I'm a Japanese Language and Literature major at the University of Kentucky in my 3rd year of the language, 4th year of college (didn't study Japanese my first year). I'm from Kentucky originally. I hope to make friends on here who I can talk to about japanese, japanese culture, and anime! よろしくおねがいします! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
Great!! I'm new to this website so is there a way to message each other or start like a group chat type thing so we can start?
Hey I am also trying to teach myself Japanese and would like to try to talk to you in Japanese if you are interested. I'm pretty new so I'd love the practice of you are okay with that.
@katieharrison welcome! XD @nicklees @devonedmunds @ravenator143 there is a chat as well, like a messaging thing. on the home screen, it's the button next to the notifications button ^.^
Yeah, but we should start a new card so we don't interrupt any other convos that may occur 😋 I'll start a new card and tag you guys in it😊 @NickLees @DevonEdmunds
@NickLees @ravenator143 I think it works like this. @CarlosG
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