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Deep within the Colombian jungle is a one-legged creature that goes by the name Natalia but is also known as La Patasola. She hops on her one leg, but she’s swift. Her wicked face is swollen and rotting, with bulging eyes, crooked fat lips, a hooked nose, and bloodied fangs.
Within the jungle, she takes a vicious form -- but she wasn’t always this way. She was once beautiful. She had long brown hair, warm brown eyes, and scarlet full lips. She was married to a good man.
But her lust grew, and her marriage could no longer keep her satisfied.Several years before, the town grew much hatred for her. She seduced several men in the night and the town was torn. The men and women of the town gathered together to make her pay for the pain and uproar she had caused.
“You you’re terrible woman!” One woman shouted.
“You’ve ruined this town, and now you will pay!” A man yelled.
“Please. No. I am sorry!” Natalia cried and she was held down and tied.

Natalia was held to the ground and the people of the town raised an axe to Natalia’s hip. They chopped over and over again until her leg was completely detached from her body. Her leg was thrown into the flames. The pain was so horrific, and so much blood was lost, Natalia died.

As she passed on, she kept her mutilated body and and haunted the townspeople at night. It's rumored she'd haunt homes, but most of her haunting took place in the jungle, where curious men would wander off to hunt. When her figure is shown to these men, her beauty would be their deadly distraction.

Hiding behind a tree, Natalia saw a gentleman drowning in a bottle of aguardiente. She sweetly sang to him:

Yo soy más que la sirena, en el mundo vivo sola y nadie se me resiste, porque soy la Patasola. En el camino, en la casa, en el monte y en el río, en el aire y en las nubes, todo lo que existe es mío.
The young man heard her beautiful voice and approached her.
"Where are you? Your voice is sweet."
"I am here, love." Natalia moved away from behind the tree and showed her enchanting beauty to the young man.
The young man smiled and was taken back by her charming appearance. Natalia invited the young man to explore the deep jungles. As they went far enough, Natalia's appearance changed.

Natalia leaped onto the man and tore into his thick flesh, consuming every inch of his body.

Every bone, body part, and inch of flesh was devoured. Natalia wiped her bloody face and quickly leaped back into the forefront of the jungle for her next sorry victim.
these story sound so real
Haha I'm glad!!! >:) @SexyStarGirl1