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[KDRAMA QUIZ] Who is Your Leading Man?

Take the quiz below to find out!

Swipe right to answer all SIX questions ^^~

Then scroll down to see your answers!

Share your results in the comments below!

******************answer the questions above before scrolling!*******************

Mostly As

Hwang Tae-Kyung - You're Beautiful
You're meant to be with a creative, sensitive guy that will adventure with you. You both live for music and art and you inspire each other every day.

Mostly Bs

Choi Han-kyul - Coffee Prince
You guys are the perfect team. You're both hard working and have a lot of respect for the others' skills. You guys cheer each other on every day!

Mostly Cs

Do Min Joon - My Love From Another Star
You're bookworms who like to have fun. You two explore the world together and learn from each other every day. You guys are best friends.

Mostly Ds

Gu Jun Pyo - Boys Over Flowers
Your leading man is a little stubborn and childish, but he changes just for you. You guys are constantly growing together to become the best people you can be, and every day is an adventure!

Who is your leading man!?

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Hwang Tae Kyung
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Choi Han Kyul
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Gu Jun Pyo 😍
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Do Min Joon
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