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8 Banned Horror Movies
What movies could be so terrible that they would be banned? As graphic as stuff is these days, it has to be pretty bad! Unimaginable filth, brutality and evil is in these movies. I wish they could be banned in the whole world! So What exactly is going on in these films? How about a dude wrapping his "you know what" in barbed wire to rape a woman? DAMN!!! No wonder that shit was banned! Wouldn't that be painful for him too? Is there anyone really that sick and twisted? That's worse than Ted Bundy!! What Else? Well if you are not too repulsed yet, keep reading. What about a human centapede? Im not even going to go into that. Besides, most of you know about that one already. Not something you want to see, hopefully. What about the directors of these films? They must be really sick people, right? Yeah, it's safe to say that you wouldn't want to be too closely associated with them or have them living next door to you, or at least i wouldn't. Some of the movies on this list didnt seem like they were all that bad. But click the link and find out all the details, including the names of the movies, the directors, and which countries banned them.
@MelissaMae cool! I'll check when I'm at a computer ^_^
@shannonl5 and if that still doesnt work go to and you should be able to find it there. i tried to copy and paste the words but it wouldnt get all of them because of the photos.
@shannonl5 oh sorry. idk what to do. i got it from flipboard.
ahh sorry wait I think I found it but it's not opening on my phone
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