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Chapter 4 Part 2- BTS Assemble!!!

>Chapter 4 Part 1<
Marisol breathed heavily as she looked around trying to figure out where the hell she was. "What kind of hospital is this big? I'll never find Namjoon at this rate.." She ran out the room with the thought of finding Namjoon and maybe being able to sneak some time together with him before heading back but that didn't seem like the case. "If I was Namjoon where would I be?" After walking around for a while she decided to give up and ask the receptionist for help. "Hey!! Miss have you seen a tall blonde Korean who's also super hot?" Marisol asked hurriedly. " The nurse shooked her head saying no. Marisol didn't hide her dissapointment as she turned and bumped into something hard. Marisol would've toppled to the ground if the figure hadn't grabbed her by the waist. "Looking for me?" Marisol looked at the figure above her and almost lost the strength in her legs. There was Namjoon who apparently heard everything she just said. "Yeah...maybe I was." Marisol said with surprising confidence. Namjoon smiled and kept his arms around Marisol. "What plans do you have with me Ms....?" asked Namjoon. Marisol noticing that his hands were still around her stepped away from his embrace. "My name's Marisol and all you need to know is that you're coming with me." She grabbed his hand and led him not even knowing which way they were heading... "Alright then." he whispered.
Aimee was in no better position as she wandered over the while hospital clumsily bumping into people at every turn. "Sorry my mistake." she repeated for the 50th time to another stranger as she turned the the corner and bumped into them. "The toughest member..Isnt it Rap Monster?" Aimee recognized the voice immediately and found the source. There was J-Hope talking to a random nurse who looked very uncomfortable. "Nah it's probably me right?"he said while looking at the nurse. Seeing as she was in trouble Aimee raced over there and apologized to the woman and led her away. J-Hope made a face, "Yah we were having a conversation!!" Aimee apologized. J-Hope smiled, "Its okay unnie..I find it really cute that you're jealous. Don't worry I'll share my aegeyo with you too!!" As much as Aimee wanted him too, she being the perfectionist knew what she had to do. "What?? No!! We have to head back right now." J-Hope did a sexy pose, "Are you sure?" Be strong Aimee be strong!!! "Yepp. let's go." she said with less spirit because she really didn't want to.
Glo signed for the 3rd time. "If we don't find them soon I'm done." I tried to stay positive, "Don't worry just keep looking!! We'll find them soon." As we were passing the open hall I spotted them. "Hey over there!!" Glo followed where my finger led and a huge smile appeared on her face. "Awww look at romantic!!" I focused on them. They were each being playful with each other and it was obviously what was happening there. "They're too cute!!" As we made our way making positive gestures towards them over they noticed us and immediately jumped away from each other. "Uhhh....Hey!!" V said, rather loudly as he tried to do something with his hands. "Don't stop.." we both whispered. Jungkook looked at us nervously but recognized me, "Hey you're the girl Jin was talking about!" He was obviously changing the subject but we didn't mind. "Yepp. And we kinda need you and V to come with us." V looked at Jungkook, "Uhhh..sure..". Me and Go high-fived. And we headed back to the room.
It was about an hour until Marisol finally walked in with Namjoon behind her. "Finally!!!! This hospital is like a maze. Freaking stupid!! And you didn't make it any better!!" she said to us and Namjoon. He smiled, "I was just trying to give some advice but it was too funny watching you roam around." Marisol scowled at him. "Whatever we're here now aren't we?" Namjoon replied, "Yeah we are and now I think is the perfect time to introduce ourselves properly okay guys?" They all shrugged and strucked a pose. "1...2..3..WE ARE BTS!!" We couldn't containgl our fangirlness as we squealed at their intro. Suga made a face, "You girls are really something..." We all laughed again but the pleasure was short-lived as I held my head in my hands as another flash of pain surged through my head. Jin was immedialetly by knees asking if everything was okay. I couldn't hear him. I couldn't hear anyone.... **** "KIARA!!! Are you there?" Whose voice was that? It didn't sound like Jin.. "If you can hear me say something!!" The voice was getting louder and I saw a light. But before I could reach it I was stopped by another voice. It was like a gravitational pull as it yanked me back. My eyes flew open as I saw Jin standing over me. He let out a huge breath as he hugged me. Startled at what I had just experienced I hugged to him as tight as I could. But what was that light I saw and whose voice did I hear??
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@thePinkPrincess do a bit of both continue with the plot but have some romance happening on the side
and i love this the plot is getting more and more exciting
I agree with @Marilovexoxo
@xjaymc @RavenQueen0810 @Marilovexoxo @AimeeH Thanks for the advice :) @glo86 Uhhh...there's always Jimin lol sorry
@thePinkPrincess You know Jimin is always the center of everything... haha