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These are some of the first animes that I've watched since I was little. Of course my list of animes now are long. What was your very first anime? Comment Below!
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My first was inuyasha, my grandma showed me it... good times
2 years ago·Reply
I know it's bad but the first time I saw the art style was avatar last airbender, btw not a technical anime, my first real one was pokemon
2 years ago·Reply
My first was sailor moon when it was played on the USA channel on cable in North America
2 years ago·Reply
My first was Girls Und Panzer which is why it is my number 1 favorite anime
2 years ago·Reply
since I started with toonami it's hard to say just one; ronin warriors, DBZ, tenchi muyo! and Gundam wing to name a few.
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